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Sep 13, 2006

Doping conspiracy and Illuminati Terror agenda: Authorities search home of Jan Ullrich

Authorities search home of Jan Ullrich
Former Tour de France winner Jan Ullrich's home in Switzerland was searched Wednesday by authorities, along with nine other homes and offices of people suspected of involvement in a Spanish doping scandal.
A statement by Germany's Federal Crime Office did not say whose homes or offices were searched. But Ullrich's manager, Wolfgang Strohband, confirmed that his and Ullrich's homes were raided.

The recently married Ullrich is on his honeymoon and was not at home during the raid, Strohband said.

Jan Ullrich, like Justin Gatlin, Kostas Kenteris, Marion Jones or Dieter Bauman, is more than just an eyewitness of the doping conspiracy that I was the only to expose.
He was a victim of the most horrible conspiracy ever seen in sports.

The same day, 13 September 2006, the first act of the terror agenda for 9/11 eyewitnesses, the WTC 7 chapter, was explained first time worldwide. Guess by whom... Article:
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Sep 4, 2006

Why now superstars of natural sports are systematically falsely accused of taking drugs

The facts about the Golden League planning in your post illustrate well how the people that REALLY control the International Athletics Federation (IAAF) and that control the mass media (they are the same) implement the agendas "negative coverage or no coverage at all of athletics" AND "no drugs, no champs".

1. Failure to understand the core assumptions...
But you fail to understand the core points, to be found in my first statement.
Total control of mass media and Treason, in particular "the last to be suspected" principle, are two of the basic techniques used by the illuminati, to prevent people to understand the simple truth.
Both are required by the BIG LIE framework, the base of the illuminati system of control: the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.

2. ... leads to results based on the OPPOSITE assumptions
Because of this failure, your reasoning is based not only in the wrong assumptions but also in the exact OPPOSITE of reality.

Example 1: it's not " the IAAF has firmly hitched its wagon to the notion that PED usage is the eighth deadly sin". It's the opposite, the IAAF promoting the lie that you can't be a champion unless you use drugs.

Example 2: it's not a IAAF failure to promote "an individual superstar who stands head-and-shoulders above the rest". It's the opposite, the IAAF destroying those superstars.

3. Terminal phase of the agenda of destroying athletics AND promoting drugs
We are now in the terminal phase of the agenda of destroying athletics AND promoting drugs.
Like any other agenda using the BIG LIE framework, regular upscaling is required.
That's why, unlike in the early stages, those superstars are now systematically falsely accused.
The last one was Justin Gatlin. Jeremy Wariner now officially waits to be executed.

Jeremy Wariner officially put in the death row, ISTAF Berlin

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