pril 29, 2009 - Usain Bolt physically attacked ("car accident") hours after Rashid Ramzi, first Olympics gold medalist for Bahrain, is executed by the same ultimate death squad

Apr 29, 2009

Usain Bolt car accident as 1,500 Olympic champion Rashid Ramzi is executed by same death squad

April 29, 2009 - Illuminati TV uses Usain Bolt's 100m race at the Olympics to "illustrate" the announcement that Rashid Ramzi, first Olympcs gold medalist for Bahrain, at Beijing 2008, winner of one of the most important events, the 1,500 meters, was tested positive, after his "blood samples" were "analysed" again using the "latest" tests.
Ramzi is the first to be executed the same way as Bolt will be stripped of his world records.
At this new and ultimate stage, the Neo-Gestapo type of confessions as used to strip Marion Jones of her medals and records ("confess" or you will never see your children again) or traps as used to execute Lance Armstrong  (misleading him to compete again)  are no more required to post-execute athletes. (1)
Hours later the illuminati media reports in small headlines that Usain Bolt had a car "accident".
In other words: Illuminati repeat script for opening day of Athens Olympics 2004, when the victims were Greek heroes Kenteris and Thanou (2). But this time the physical attack apparently failed. What does not really matter, since the results that really count will soon be announced.
By the way, if you know this blog, the answer to this question should pose no problems: what do these labs "testing" the blood samples of chanpions of natural sports have to do with the labs processing the X-Flu stream?  (3)

(1) From  note in "Lance Armstrong not Usain Bolt will be the first to be summarily executed", weeks before the day where the death squad executed Ramzi and failed in the attempt to physically execute Bolt:
The trap [misleading Armstrong to compete again] would no more be required if the current and ultimate terror level, legalizing the trick used to accuse the athlete and to discredit any performances at any time after the moment it took place, had already been reached at the time Lance Armstrong won the Tour the last time.
The trick is to "keep blood samples", using the "doping industry is more advanced than the test industry" justification to cover-up why this is done.
Note that now this technique is used to post-execute athletes who could not be executed at the best possible moment, because at that particular competition the conspirators did not control the tests. Ultimate example: the 100 and 200 world records by Usain Bolt, at the Beijing Olympics.

(2) Search for Kenteris in page, and follow the link to 2004 discussion

(3) What do the people that created the X-FLU lies, this time for a much more sinister reason, well beyond to  sell you the vaccines ...
-- have to do with ---
the people that created the "Ben Johnson / Marion Jones / Jan Ullrich / Justin Gatlin were on drugs" lies to sell the "drugs improve performance of natural sports" ?
Answer: they are one and the same people.

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