Doping Conspiracy - Destroy Natural Sports Icons, sell "Drugs is better" Hoax

pril 29, 2009 - Usain Bolt physically attacked ("car accident") hours after Rashid Ramzi, first Olympics gold medalist for Bahrain, is executed by the same ultimate death squad

Apr 29, 2009

Usain Bolt car accident as 1,500 Olympic champion Rashid Ramzi is executed by same death squad

April 29, 2009 - Illuminati TV uses Usain Bolt's 100m race at the Olympics to "illustrate" the announcement that Rashid Ramzi, first Olympcs gold medalist for Bahrain, at Beijing 2008, winner of one of the most important events, the 1,500 meters, was tested positive, after his "blood samples" were "analysed" again using the "latest" tests.
Ramzi is the first to be executed the same way as Bolt will be stripped of his world records.
At this new and ultimate stage, the Neo-Gestapo type of confessions as used to strip Marion Jones of her medals and records ("confess" or you will never see your children again) or traps as used to execute Lance Armstrong  (misleading him to compete again)  are no more required to post-execute athletes. (1)
Hours later the illuminati media reports in small headlines that Usain Bolt had a car "accident".
In other words: Illuminati repeat script for opening day of Athens Olympics 2004, when the victims were Greek heroes Kenteris and Thanou (2). But this time the physical attack apparently failed. What does not really matter, since the results that really count will soon be announced.
By the way, if you know this blog, the answer to this question should pose no problems: what do these labs "testing" the blood samples of chanpions of natural sports have to do with the labs processing the X-Flu stream?  (3)

(1) From  note in "Lance Armstrong not Usain Bolt will be the first to be summarily executed", weeks before the day where the death squad executed Ramzi and failed in the attempt to physically execute Bolt:
The trap [misleading Armstrong to compete again] would no more be required if the current and ultimate terror level, legalizing the trick used to accuse the athlete and to discredit any performances at any time after the moment it took place, had already been reached at the time Lance Armstrong won the Tour the last time.
The trick is to "keep blood samples", using the "doping industry is more advanced than the test industry" justification to cover-up why this is done.
Note that now this technique is used to post-execute athletes who could not be executed at the best possible moment, because at that particular competition the conspirators did not control the tests. Ultimate example: the 100 and 200 world records by Usain Bolt, at the Beijing Olympics.

(2) Search for Kenteris in page, and follow the link to 2004 discussion

(3) What do the people that created the X-FLU lies, this time for a much more sinister reason, well beyond to  sell you the vaccines ...
-- have to do with ---
the people that created the "Ben Johnson / Marion Jones / Jan Ullrich / Justin Gatlin were on drugs" lies to sell the "drugs improve performance of natural sports" ?
Answer: they are one and the same people.

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Apr 6, 2009

Lance Armstrong not Usain Bolt will be summarily executed first

Neo-Gestapo knocked on Lance Armstrong's door today. Summary execution to follow

Lance Armstrong won the 7th Tour before the stage of summary executions
April 6, 2008 - "French doping agency sends Armstrong report to WADA" (1).
This is nothing less than the official launch for the process leading to the summary execution of the greatest cyclist ever.

Lance Armstrong is also the ultimate example of blindness

But Lance Armstrong is also ultimate example of the reduction of the ability to see the basic pieces of the puzzle, beginning with those directly related to him.

Although he reacted to previous cases of other champions being falsely accused (see Floyd Landis) he was not able to look beyond the "unfair" media campaign.

He was as blind as to accept to take part in McCain's campaign.
The ultimate sign of loss of ability: he failed to see that he had the second main and final role in the final act of the "all champions dope" script, together with Usain Bolt.
A second role that would only be possible if he would fall in the trap of competing again, to "prove" that he never doped. (2)

Lance Armstrong's accident triggered the decision about who will  be first summarily executed

Not only will he follow the same fate as Usain Bolt, but also, the latest after his accident in Spain, the illuminati decided who will be executed first.

As Lance Armstrong won his last Tour the illuminati doping agenda was still far from the current and very last stage.
A stage which allows only for summary executions, shortly after the neo-Gestapo knocks on the door  "at 4 A.M".
Today it was the door of Lance Armstrong.


(2) The trap would no more be required if the current and ultimate terror level, legalizing the trick used to accuse the athlete and to discredit any performances at any time after the moment it took place, had already been reached at the time Lance Armstrong won the Tour the last time.
The trick is to "keep blood samples", using the "doping industry is more advanced than the test industry" justification to cover-up why this is done.
Note that now this technique is used to post-execute athletes that could not be executed at the best possible moment, because at that particular competition the conspirators did not control the tests. Ultimate example: the 100 and 200 world records by Usain Bolt, at the Beijing Olympics.

Doping conspiracy: Who, How and Why explained in the initial stages all the way to the ultimate executions

Added: Jan 2013 - Armstrong forced to confess the Guantanamo way, same as all other champions, starting with Marion Jones.
In other words: thereatened that otherwise he would also be jailed and stripped of every penny. 


Aug 15, 2008

Campaign to eliminate Usain Bolt, world's fastest man ever, officially launched

Usain Bolt at Beijing Olympics, 2008
If you live in IlluminiNATZIiland and you wonder why the most impressive sports demonstration at the Olympics ever (9.92  in jogging look) by Usain Bolt was "commented" as "impossible to believe that he is not on drugs", then you must get the basics (article published 30th July 2008, one week before the begin of the Olympics):
Campaign to eliminate world's fastest man ever (1), Usain Bolt, officially launched (2).

It begins by using associaton and suggestion techniques (3), before it will come very soon to an end. (4)


(1) Usain Bolt from Jamaica, is the world's fastest man ever.
After pushing the 100 m record to the human limits a few weeks ago, he demonstrated in London a few days ago that he can also beat the 200 m record from Michael Jonhson, as he slowed down his pace 30 meters from the finish line.

(2) Launched with the "news" that "second rank jamaican athlete doped" as headlines, in the appropriated mass media. (2a)

(2a) The Teletext entry page, one remote control click away from whatever program is being broadcasted (in almost all "countries" of illuminatiland), is the most important mass media used by the illuminati, for "news" that would not "fit" as prime news, e.g. "second rank jamaican athlete doped". Other examples of the usage of the Teletext entry page: sell 24 hours a day illuminati icons (Madonna, Potter, etc) or confront children with porn and pedophilia.

(3) The acceptance by associaton and suggestion techniques are constantly used by the illuminati, to sell their hoaxes to the sheep.Google:
MattMarriott BIG LIE technique

(4) This asssociation is what the TV "commentators" at the Olympics will be non-stop mentioning while Usain Bolt will be setting his historical performances, before Bolt will be executed. (5)

(5) Doping conspiracy - multi-purpose weapon for several agendas
1. sell evolution theory and "take pills is better" hoaxes
2. sell "drugs improve performance of natural sports" hoax
3. eliminate the "wrong" champions
4. destroy natural sport
5. destroy justice
6. terrorize the sheep

Who, How and Why explained long ago -
Google, as usual, knows it best:


Jul 28, 2007

Doping conspiracy - WHY nobody poses the TWO basic questions - the horrible TRUTH about YOU

The first question
Still the majority refuse to admit how mass media works, i.e that it is nothing but a brainwash tool, propagating the agendas of the serial liars who control it.
This brainwash is the main reason why in the meantime nearly everyone lost the the sense of justice.
It is thus no miracle that nobody poses himself the first question: why doesn't the media give to the accused the possibility to express themselves?

The second question
But in the meantime the large majority understood that the present and previous government parties (SPD, CDU, FDP, the Green) are serial liars.
The reason why everyone swallows the Doping Conspiracy begins by the fact that nevertheless nobody poses the second question: why do those who so far told nothing but lies suddenly mutate into the champions of truth? (1)

(1) An example: Rudof Scharping, president of the German Cycling Federation.
Exactly, the same one who officially assumed the responsibility for the script around the "massacre" of Racak in Kosovo, the lie used to start World War III, in February/March 1999.
A lie which afterwards was even revealed by the conspirators at prime time on their state television. To terrorize the people who had previously swallowed that lie.
Google knows it - see result #1 of “It began with a lie” (2) (Es begann mit einer Lüge):

(2) “it began with a lie” - result #1 today, is the correct:*/

(3) This article was posted July 2007 to the forum of “Der Spiegel”, the major "serious" magazine in Germany, on the discussion about the German TV ceasing to cover the Tour de France, after a series of cyclists saw their career terminated after being falsely accused of doping.
I found no other post or a reference to a deleted post (5), in the 10 pages of that discussion (out of 50) I browsed, defending the innocence of the accused. (5)
This as the agenda to complete the total blackout of athletics in German TV entered also the last stage.(5) My post was deleted from this pageone day after: ¨
So other such posts could also have been deleted.

Doping conspiracy  explained first 2004 by Last Prophet, echoed by almost nobody ever since


Jul 18, 2007

Doping conspiracy: July 18 2007, Tour de France - another milestone - german state TV stops coverage

The illuminati chose the 40th anniversary of the death of Tony Simpson, cyclist, in the Tour de France 1967... to execute another victim of their doping conspiracy.
The very same day their victim is going to undergo surgery, after a severe fall at the Tour de France.

But this time they do more than just repeat the script of Dieter Baumann, Kostas Kenteris, Justin Gatlin, Marion Jones, Floyd Landis, Jan Ullrich, etc.
This time it's also about setting one of the milestones included in the the goals of the illuminati doping conspiracy: make sure that the main events for the basic natural sports (first of all athletics and the World Championships, second cycling and Tour de France) don't get anymore TV coverage.

For finishing this part of the script in Germany they did not have to target a superstar, since the mind control technique of Level Increase Acceptance has now been enough used in this agenda. A mere winner of a previous Tour of Germany was enough.
The curtain falls the illuminati way. With an illuminati joke: we accused Patrik Sinkewitz (who is he?) of doping as he undergoes surgery and you get no more live images of the Tour de France.

(1) The script and falsely accusing stars of natural sports: Example from 12/16/2004, which escaped censorhip at what is now the last on-line bunker of the official supporters of nuclear Hitler

(2) The script sets a Terror Milestone - Jan Ullrich, July 2006

(3)  Independently of how satanic the illuminati jokes were designed, from Skylab 1979 to Harry Potter 2007, they are always meant to prove the same thing. Too bad for you that you did not get what it is...2007 - J.K.Rowling & Harry Potter and the Illuminati Brainwash Children Agenda with photo - Satanic Jokes: J.K.Rowling helps in hunt for missing UK girl Madeleine
1979 SKYLAB Space Station Crash - "Sky is falling" kind of Illuminati Jokes for dummies, exposed first - ATTENTION - this is NOT a jokeSo many jokes, and 28 years later, nobody got it.

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Sep 13, 2006

Doping conspiracy and Illuminati Terror agenda: Authorities search home of Jan Ullrich

Authorities search home of Jan Ullrich
Former Tour de France winner Jan Ullrich's home in Switzerland was searched Wednesday by authorities, along with nine other homes and offices of people suspected of involvement in a Spanish doping scandal.
A statement by Germany's Federal Crime Office did not say whose homes or offices were searched. But Ullrich's manager, Wolfgang Strohband, confirmed that his and Ullrich's homes were raided.

The recently married Ullrich is on his honeymoon and was not at home during the raid, Strohband said.

Jan Ullrich, like Justin Gatlin, Kostas Kenteris, Marion Jones or Dieter Bauman, is more than just an eyewitness of the doping conspiracy that I was the only to expose.
He was a victim of the most horrible conspiracy ever seen in sports.

The same day, 13 September 2006, the first act of the terror agenda for 9/11 eyewitnesses, the WTC 7 chapter, was explained first time worldwide. Guess by whom... Article:
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Sep 4, 2006

Why now superstars of natural sports are systematically falsely accused of taking drugs

The facts about the Golden League planning in your post illustrate well how the people that REALLY control the International Athletics Federation (IAAF) and that control the mass media (they are the same) implement the agendas "negative coverage or no coverage at all of athletics" AND "no drugs, no champs".

1. Failure to understand the core assumptions...
But you fail to understand the core points, to be found in my first statement.
Total control of mass media and Treason, in particular "the last to be suspected" principle, are two of the basic techniques used by the illuminati, to prevent people to understand the simple truth.
Both are required by the BIG LIE framework, the base of the illuminati system of control: the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.

2. ... leads to results based on the OPPOSITE assumptions
Because of this failure, your reasoning is based not only in the wrong assumptions but also in the exact OPPOSITE of reality.

Example 1: it's not " the IAAF has firmly hitched its wagon to the notion that PED usage is the eighth deadly sin". It's the opposite, the IAAF promoting the lie that you can't be a champion unless you use drugs.

Example 2: it's not a IAAF failure to promote "an individual superstar who stands head-and-shoulders above the rest". It's the opposite, the IAAF destroying those superstars.

3. Terminal phase of the agenda of destroying athletics AND promoting drugs
We are now in the terminal phase of the agenda of destroying athletics AND promoting drugs.
Like any other agenda using the BIG LIE framework, regular upscaling is required.
That's why, unlike in the early stages, those superstars are now systematically falsely accused.
The last one was Justin Gatlin. Jeremy Wariner now officially waits to be executed.

Jeremy Wariner officially put in the death row, ISTAF Berlin

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Jun 30, 2006

2006 Tour de France doping conspiracy - illuminati repeat Athens 2004 Olympics script

Hours before the begin of the Tour de France 2006, the time for the illuminati to detonate the bomb to destroy cycling has come. (1)
They repeat the script used with Kostas Kenteris, the greek hero falsely accused of doping, hours before the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Athens 2004.
This time no longer need of a plot involving a physical attack to their victims, like  in Athens, where the illuminati sent Kostas Kenteris to the hospital, after an aggression, to suggest that he was trying to escape doping controls. (2)
Hearsay and faked documents are now enough to terminate career of the two world's top cyclists, Ivan Basso and Jan Ullrich.
All of it topped with the usual illuminati jokes... "we are now demanding evidence of his (Ullrich) innocence." (3)
(1) Cycling is one of the most natural individual sports, coming second after running and jumping.
Cycling and the Tour de France in particular has been, year after year, one of the most inspiring events capturing the interest of youth into natural sports in Europe, in particular France, Italy and Spain.
With the appearance of Lance Armstrong and Jan Ullrich, cycling became also very popular in the US and Germany.
(2)  2004 August - Conspiracy at the Olympics (HOW and WHY) - 75,000 refuse to swallow the BIG LIE

(3) STRASBOURG, France — A major doping scandal threw the first Tour de France of the post-Lance Armstrong era into chaos Friday, with favorites Jan Ullrich and Ivan Basso forced out of the world's premier cycling race under a cloud of suspicion. With Basso, Ullrich, Vinokourov and Mancebo out, other riders have greater hopes of succeeding Armstrong as Tour de France champion, or at least taking a place on the podium. But no one stands out as a firm favorite in the reshaped field.
The scandal centers on Eufemiano Fuentes, a sports doctor in Madrid who allegedly helped dozens of riders with performance-enhancing blood doping. Johan Bruyneel, coach of the U.S.-based Discovery Channel team, said the Spanish investigation "is probably the biggest doping scandal in cycling and maybe even in sports ever. "There's been a lot of damage done already, but it's getting so big that cycling is losing credibility," Bruyneel told
The scandal has been brewing for weeks. Late Thursday, Spanish authorities sent race organizers more than 40 pages summarizing police investigations into a ring that allegedly supplied riders and other athletes with banned drugs and performance-enhancing blood transfusions.
Police reportedly found anabolic steroids, human growth hormones, the endurance-boosting substance EPO and about 100 bags of frozen blood, many marked in a secret code that identified professional cyclists.

The doping involved drawing oxygen-rich blood at high altitudes to obtain a concentrate of red blood cells, then injecting them back into riders before a race to boost endurance. Nine Tour de France riders — Basso and Ullrich included — were implicated in the police report, cycling's governing body said. Their teams were informed and, with the exception of the Astana-Wurth team, all quickly told their racers they were out.
Jean-Marie Leblanc, outgoing Tour director, said the Spanish investigators cited doping "dosages" apparently prescribed for Ullrich, Basso, Sevilla and Francesco Mancebo, who was also withdrawn from the Tour by his team, AG2R. Asked whether T-Mobile would consider cutting ties with Ullrich, T-Mobile spokesman Stefan Wagner replied, "Certainly ... we are now demanding evidence of his innocence."
Ullrich, at age 32 nearing the end of his career, said he was "absolutely shocked." "I could cry, going home in such good shape," he said. "I need a few days for myself and then I'll try to prove my innocence with the help of my lawyer. And I'll go on fighting."
Basso, runner-up to Armstrong last year, had been hoping to become the first rider since Marco Pantani in 1998 to win both the Giro d'Italia and Tour de France in the same year.