pril 29, 2009 - Usain Bolt physically attacked ("car accident") hours after Rashid Ramzi, first Olympics gold medalist for Bahrain, is executed by the same ultimate death squad

Jul 18, 2007

Doping conspiracy: July 18 2007, Tour de France - another milestone - german state TV stops coverage

The illuminati chose the 40th anniversary of the death of Tony Simpson, cyclist, in the Tour de France 1967... to execute another victim of their doping conspiracy.
The very same day their victim is going to undergo surgery, after a severe fall at the Tour de France.

But this time they do more than just repeat the script of Dieter Baumann, Kostas Kenteris, Justin Gatlin, Marion Jones, Floyd Landis, Jan Ullrich, etc.
This time it's also about setting one of the milestones included in the the goals of the illuminati doping conspiracy: make sure that the main events for the basic natural sports (first of all athletics and the World Championships, second cycling and Tour de France) don't get anymore TV coverage.

For finishing this part of the script in Germany they did not have to target a superstar, since the mind control technique of Level Increase Acceptance has now been enough used in this agenda. A mere winner of a previous Tour of Germany was enough.
The curtain falls the illuminati way. With an illuminati joke: we accused Patrik Sinkewitz (who is he?) of doping as he undergoes surgery and you get no more live images of the Tour de France.

(1) The script and falsely accusing stars of natural sports: Example from 12/16/2004, which escaped censorhip at what is now the last on-line bunker of the official supporters of nuclear Hitler

(2) The script sets a Terror Milestone - Jan Ullrich, July 2006

(3)  Independently of how satanic the illuminati jokes were designed, from Skylab 1979 to Harry Potter 2007, they are always meant to prove the same thing. Too bad for you that you did not get what it is...2007 - J.K.Rowling & Harry Potter and the Illuminati Brainwash Children Agenda with photo - Satanic Jokes: J.K.Rowling helps in hunt for missing UK girl Madeleine
1979 SKYLAB Space Station Crash - "Sky is falling" kind of Illuminati Jokes for dummies, exposed first - ATTENTION - this is NOT a jokeSo many jokes, and 28 years later, nobody got it.

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