pril 29, 2009 - Usain Bolt physically attacked ("car accident") hours after Rashid Ramzi, first Olympics gold medalist for Bahrain, is executed by the same ultimate death squad

Aug 15, 2008

Campaign to eliminate Usain Bolt, world's fastest man ever, officially launched

Usain Bolt at Beijing Olympics, 2008
If you live in IlluminiNATZIiland and you wonder why the most impressive sports demonstration at the Olympics ever (9.92  in jogging look) by Usain Bolt was "commented" as "impossible to believe that he is not on drugs", then you must get the basics (article published 30th July 2008, one week before the begin of the Olympics):
Campaign to eliminate world's fastest man ever (1), Usain Bolt, officially launched (2).

It begins by using associaton and suggestion techniques (3), before it will come very soon to an end. (4)


(1) Usain Bolt from Jamaica, is the world's fastest man ever.
After pushing the 100 m record to the human limits a few weeks ago, he demonstrated in London a few days ago that he can also beat the 200 m record from Michael Jonhson, as he slowed down his pace 30 meters from the finish line.

(2) Launched with the "news" that "second rank jamaican athlete doped" as headlines, in the appropriated mass media. (2a)

(2a) The Teletext entry page, one remote control click away from whatever program is being broadcasted (in almost all "countries" of illuminatiland), is the most important mass media used by the illuminati, for "news" that would not "fit" as prime news, e.g. "second rank jamaican athlete doped". Other examples of the usage of the Teletext entry page: sell 24 hours a day illuminati icons (Madonna, Potter, etc) or confront children with porn and pedophilia.

(3) The acceptance by associaton and suggestion techniques are constantly used by the illuminati, to sell their hoaxes to the sheep.Google:
MattMarriott BIG LIE technique

(4) This asssociation is what the TV "commentators" at the Olympics will be non-stop mentioning while Usain Bolt will be setting his historical performances, before Bolt will be executed. (5)

(5) Doping conspiracy - multi-purpose weapon for several agendas
1. sell evolution theory and "take pills is better" hoaxes
2. sell "drugs improve performance of natural sports" hoax
3. eliminate the "wrong" champions
4. destroy natural sport
5. destroy justice
6. terrorize the sheep

Who, How and Why explained long ago -
Google, as usual, knows it best:


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