pril 29, 2009 - Usain Bolt physically attacked ("car accident") hours after Rashid Ramzi, first Olympics gold medalist for Bahrain, is executed by the same ultimate death squad

Apr 6, 2009

Lance Armstrong not Usain Bolt will be summarily executed first

Neo-Gestapo knocked on Lance Armstrong's door today. Summary execution to follow

Lance Armstrong won the 7th Tour before the stage of summary executions
April 6, 2008 - "French doping agency sends Armstrong report to WADA" (1).
This is nothing less than the official launch for the process leading to the summary execution of the greatest cyclist ever.

Lance Armstrong is also the ultimate example of blindness

But Lance Armstrong is also ultimate example of the reduction of the ability to see the basic pieces of the puzzle, beginning with those directly related to him.

Although he reacted to previous cases of other champions being falsely accused (see Floyd Landis) he was not able to look beyond the "unfair" media campaign.

He was as blind as to accept to take part in McCain's campaign.
The ultimate sign of loss of ability: he failed to see that he had the second main and final role in the final act of the "all champions dope" script, together with Usain Bolt.
A second role that would only be possible if he would fall in the trap of competing again, to "prove" that he never doped. (2)

Lance Armstrong's accident triggered the decision about who will  be first summarily executed

Not only will he follow the same fate as Usain Bolt, but also, the latest after his accident in Spain, the illuminati decided who will be executed first.

As Lance Armstrong won his last Tour the illuminati doping agenda was still far from the current and very last stage.
A stage which allows only for summary executions, shortly after the neo-Gestapo knocks on the door  "at 4 A.M".
Today it was the door of Lance Armstrong.


(2) The trap would no more be required if the current and ultimate terror level, legalizing the trick used to accuse the athlete and to discredit any performances at any time after the moment it took place, had already been reached at the time Lance Armstrong won the Tour the last time.
The trick is to "keep blood samples", using the "doping industry is more advanced than the test industry" justification to cover-up why this is done.
Note that now this technique is used to post-execute athletes that could not be executed at the best possible moment, because at that particular competition the conspirators did not control the tests. Ultimate example: the 100 and 200 world records by Usain Bolt, at the Beijing Olympics.

Doping conspiracy: Who, How and Why explained in the initial stages all the way to the ultimate executions

From Jamaica's Lightning Bolt 2009 to South Africa's Van Nikerk 2016
Universe World and Human Physical Limits: was the very LAST milestone set at Rio's 400 meters?
Added Aig 2016:  Van Niekerk  milestone as introduciton to original Aug 2009 article
Did Van Niekerk's 400 m set a milestone in the Age of Discovery  of Human Physical Performance? Was it actuallyt the very last one?
In any case Van Niekerk's world record was paradoxically set
- at the end of a show the Illuminati Grand Master reduced to a parody of simulated reality.
- just before Usain Bolt would set yet another milestone, this time only in the 100 m History of World Championships and Olympic Games, adding to seven consecutive global titles.
The same number of titles as the greatest cyclist ever got in the Tour de France before he was executed by the illuminati.

Added: Jan 2013 - Armstrong forced to confess the Guantanamo way, same as all other champions, starting with Marion Jones.
In other words: thereatened that otherwise he would also be jailed and stripped of every penny. 


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